Ten New Year’s Resolutions for School Boards

In 2017, we commit to:

  1. Operate as a governance team that believes unconditionally that ALL students can be successful.
  2. Consistently and visibly drive our beliefs about student achievement through the entire district and community.
  3. Enhance our representative role by proactively engaging our community in our vision and goals.
  4. Increase transparency by doing as much of our governance work as possible in public meetings.
  5. Build, support and monitor a collaborative governance partnership with our superintendent.
  6. Learn and use proven practices to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our governance.
  7. Make data-driven decisions while encouraging input, open dialogue and debate.
  8. Hold ourselves accountable for the stewardship of the district’s resources
  9. Be constant learners as a governance team and as individual trustees.
  10. Be strong, non-partisan advocates for improved resources and legislation support of public education.

Happy New Year and Good Governance for 2017!

Stephen Hansen sehansen6263@gmail.com

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