Be Proud to be a School Trustee. Happy New Year!

School Trustees are amazing! You set the conditions that will affect the lives and future of thousands of people in your community and province. You are literally building the future!

So, what better time than New Years to reflect on your trustee role and to set personal development goals for the coming year? Here’s a little self-review survey to help. Using a scale of 1 (never) to 10 (always), identify your trustee strengths and possible areas you want to work on in 2018.

Happy New Year – and thank you for the critically important work that you do!

1. I can connect everything I do as a trustee back to improving student achievement.

2. I focus on policy development and monitoring district/student success rather than administrative matters.

3. I take into account the views and needs of the entire district rather than favouring specific groups.

4. I express my views clearly during debate but support the majority decision once made.

5. I come well prepared for board and committee meetings.

6. I am knowledgeable about our district bylaws, policies and the school act.

7. I express my opinions in a respectful manner.

8. I make decisions based on evidence and the input of others.

9. I am an ambassador for our students and school district in the board room, in schools and in the community.

10. I invest time in my own learning and development as trustee.